Dear Children of God;

Every day we face situations that could result in great physical harm or death.  As Eastern Orthodox Christians, we believe that we must always be ready for the Glorious Second Coming of Jesus Christ, and also for the time when we will depart this earthly life.  The prayer below is a prayer of preparation.  This prayer can be used daily by anyone that is serious about having their lamp trimmed and ready when the Bridegroom, (Jesus Christ) returns for you, or for the entire Church at His Second Coming.

Love, in the Risen, Lord Jesus Christ,

Father Michael + 



A Prayer of Extreme Compunction

 Lord Jesus Christ, my God and Savior; You saved the dying thief on the Cross who confessed faith in You and asked You to remember him in Your Kingdom. Remember me as well, O Lord in Your Kingdom. I repent to You my Holy Savior every sin which I have committed, in word, deed, and thought. I acknowledge that without your Grace and Compassion, I would be lost. Please, do not allow me to be lost, O my Heavenly Father, but strive with me always. Keep me in the hours when I fall into temptation, guide me back to the light by the Holy Spirit. I ask that when my time comes to depart from this physical life, that I may have a peaceful and prayerful hour in which to depart into your Holy Arms. May I be washed white as snow by the power of Your Holy Blood; to live forever in the endless Glory of the Kingdom of Heaven.

O My Heavenly Father, I ask that You let no sin stand between me and You, should I not be granted a peaceful and prayerful hour in which to depart this life, I ask that You accept this prayer of repentance as my final confession to You. You know my heart better than I know it. You know my faults and my weaknesses. You took on flesh so that You could fully understand us. Look deep into my heart and burn the thorns of my transgressions with the All-Consuming Fire of the Holy Spirit, purge all hate from my soul. Teach me to love the Lord my God with all my strength and all my heart, and to love my neighbor as I love myself. Let my lamp be trimmed and glowing when You the Bridegroom shall come for my soul.

O My Savior, I pray for all those who have transgressed against me. I pray for their salvation and the enlightenment of their hearts. I forgive every transgression, fault or grudge that I hold against any fellow human being. I absolve them completely of any debt to me for their transgressions, and ask that You absolve them as well. Let me not leave this world having not forgiven every transgression committed against me. Grant me genuine, pure love for my enemies, so that I may keep Your commandment to bless those who are my enemies. I pray for blessings to come upon them and salvation to come to their household.

With what time You have so graciously granted me, O My Heavenly Father, I ask that You use me as an instrument to glorify Your Kingdom. Help me to become a vessel of Grace, and a habitation of the Holy Spirit. Fill me to overflowing with your Holy Love, help me to know how to share it with others. Let me confess You before mankind, openly, truthfully, and honestly, so that You will confess me before Your Father in Heaven as You promised in the Scriptures.

I commend to You, the Only-Begotten Son of God, my soul and body. Bless me, keep me in Your Holy Protection, and grant unto me Eternal Life, and Salvation in Your Kingdom which will have no end. Teach me to do Your Commandments that I may stand at the Right Hand with those who shall inherit the Kingdom of Heaven on the Dread day of Judgment. Grant that my last breath may be used in praise of You the Lord, God and Savior. Amen.