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For Desiemarie

Fell Asleep in the Lord on Sunday, November 10, 2013

By; Metropolitan Archbishop Michael D. Jordan, Ph.D.

           We’re here today to celebrate the life of Desiemarie. Although she is physically separated from us, she will always be part of the lives she touched while she was with us.  Her family and friends knew her as a special, loving, generous and kind person. She was completely dedicated to her family, her friends, and of course her pets.

          There was abundant evidence that she was filled with love which is one of the most important characteristics to have as a human being.  Love is truly the only thing that we can take with us when we depart from our physical life.  Love is eternal and transcends time.  Although death separates us physically from our loved ones; love ties us all together with an unbreakable eternal bond.

          In the Eastern Orthodox Church we sing Memories Eternal during the Funeral Service and Memorial Service.  These services help us to remember our loved ones that have joined the Church Triumphant.  Traditionally, we do a Memorial Service at the Funeral Home, then on the Sunday following the funeral. Forty days after their passing we do a Memorial Service and then every year on the closest Sunday to the anniversary of their passing.

          This means that we keep their memories alive in our hearts and minds. This helps us to reaffirm and rekindle the bond of love that unites us together with our friends and loved ones. This is why we sing, Memories Eternal. Even though we are separated physically from them, we maintain that bond of love that always remains in our hearts and minds.

          One of the concepts that Desiemarie embraced fully is the fact that we are all connected.  The fellowship of the Saints was easy for her to understand and accept because she knew that those who have passed physically are still our brothers and sisters in Christ and they are still as important to us now as they were when they were physically among us.

          It is stated clearly in the Scriptures that “God is the God of the Living, not the dead.”  Another Eastern Orthodox precept is the belief that to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord. Since our loved ones are present with the Risen, Living, Lord Jesus Christ, then truly the statement, “God is the God of the Living, not the dead”, becomes a true and comforting thought for the family and friends of Desiemarie.

            To the family and friends of Desiemarie, we are saddened by her physical loss, but on the other hand, we recognize that she has transcended into a place where she will no longer suffer the trials and tribulations that we, the Church Militant must endure.  She is in a place of joy and comfort and she feels and celebrates every bit of love that is being shown to her by the friends and loved ones that she loved so dearly.

          We should also be comforted by the knowledge that she will be waiting to greet us when our time comes to pass from this physical world. Although, many years may pass before that time comes upon us, to her it will be only a brief moment in time that we were physically parted from her. The joy she and all of us will feel at that wonderful reunion will be indescribably wonderful.  Until that wonderful reunion, may Desiemarie’s Memory be Eternal.




     "Come to me, all you that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest." Matthew 11:28. In this fast paced world of pagers, email, and cell phones, few can find the spiritual rest and peace of mind that they so desperately need. Unfortunately, even some churches are filled with politics and power struggles, as if we don’t get enough of that at work! "Be still and know that I am God". Psalm 46 Our spirit needs to be rested and recharged so we will be better able to cope with the day-to-day struggles of life.

    In this world of turmoil we are all looking for a peaceful place to escape, if only for a short while. Finding a peaceful spiritual home these days can sometimes be a daunting task. St. Seraphim of Sarov Eastern Orthodox Cathedral is a rare haven of spirituality, peace and prayer. "My Kingdom is not of this world". John 18:36. Christ’s Holy Church is an earthly glimpse of His Heavenly Kingdom that is not of this world. Orthodox Christianity offers an "other worldly" appeal for those who want to rest and renew their spirit. If you are looking for a church home free from the politics of this world, St. Seraphim’s is certainly the right place for you.

    St. Seraphim’s is a small but growing church that has been in the Triad area for 11 years. We are a member of the Holy Eastern Orthodox Church of the United States, an independent, self-governing Diocese. Our primary worship service is the Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom which we celebrate every Sunday morning at 11:00 AM. All of our worship services are done in English. We are located on the corner of Eastchester and Johnson Streets in High Point.

    If you are looking for a "Church home", we're looking for you!   If you want to know more about us - click on the two links below, these two links should answer any questions you have about our Diocese, local Cathedral, and Belief Structure:


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  • We are located in High Point, North Carolina on the corner of Eastchester and Johnson Streets. We are in the Fellowship Building of the St. Christopher's Episcopal Church. Our physical address is: 303 Eastchester Drive - High Point, North Carolina 27262 - The Cathedral phone number is: (336) 869-8607

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        Our Sub-Deacon, Robert (Longinios) Burns fell asleep in the Lord on Thursday, August 29, 2002 at the age of 69.  He was born October 16, 1932 in High Point, North Carolina, a son of Robert Ingold Burns and Sue Tisdale Burns, who both preceded him in death.  He was a retired school teacher and principal with the Rockbridge County, Virginia School System.  He was a librarian with High Point University.  He was a U. S. Army veteran, having served during the Korean War.  He was a member and Sub-Deacon of St. Seraphim of Sarov Eastern Orthodox Cathedral.

        Sub-Deacon (Longinios) Burns served St. Seraphim's Cathedral faithfully for eight years as a loyal member, Church Reader, then as a Sub-Deacon.  So strong was the faith of this servant of God, that he often served in the Altar even in his last days when pain and weakness from his cancer was almost unbearable! 

        He was a beloved father and grandfather who touched many people and friends with his stories and love for history.  He was preceded in death by his daughter, Jane Elizabeth.   Surviving are his four daughters Mary, Catherine, Caroline, and Gwyn.  His grandchildren are Ivy Elizabeth, Robert Alexander, and Sophia.

        A Trisagion Service was done by Father Michael on Sunday evening, September 1st, and his funeral and burial was also done by Father Michael on Monday, September 2nd, 2002.  In lieu of flowers the family is asking that memorials be made to this fine servant of God to:  St. Seraphim of Sarov - Eastern Orthodox Cathedral - PO BOX 77342 - Greensboro, NC  27417-7342.   

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    Please, remember in your prayers all those who lost their lives in the tragedy of September 11, 2001.  Also, remember all of their families friends and loved ones as well.  Pray for peace in the world and for God's Holy Protection for us all!  



    Please, remember in your prayers all those who lost their lives in the various natural disasters in the past years. It is our Christian duty to pray for all mankind!

    Please note:  All of our services are open to the public, consider yourself invited to attend any of our services.